Monday, May 4, 2015

Pinterest+Classroom= One Happy Teacher

Pinterest is such an amazing tool to use in the classroom. There are so many cool and well thought ideas at the tips of your fingers. Pinterest really comes in handy when it's time to come up with a creative assignments such as the one I'm talking about today. Being in the process of going to nursing school, I love studying the human body and all its functions. The body is so complex that it's good to learn about it one step at a time.

My assignment for my 1st grade class is: Know your Body

This assignment is for students to be able to identify the important organs and structures  in our body and describe each function that is gives.

To start off my assignment, I had my husband (not an artist) trace an outline of my body 
Once I had an outline, I started locating the major organs in the body by using this website. Once I located the Brain, Heart, Lungs, and stomach, I drew them on my paper body. After I located all the major organs, I drew the bone structure for my arms and legs. (excuse the crooked hip-bones). The final process to this assignment is to give a brief description on what each organ does including the bone structure.
This assignment was really fun! Even though i'm familiar with each organ is always fun to learn about how the body truly works! It's an amazing thing to study! I really hope my students will enjoy this assignment as much as I did.

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